Facilities Manager


Job Description:


The Facilities Manager is responsible for coordinating, directing and evaluating the condition and maintenance of the Call Center. Is responsible for the physical security of each asset, equipment and personnel that is within the site. Is responsible for analyzing the physical condition of each working area inside the building or offices where the Call Center is, and equally find a solution for the improvement of each applicable area as well as reducing operating costs. The goal is to ensure our business’s accommodations is problem-free and safe so that employees can work under the best conditions.


Job Duties:


- Plans and coordinates the activities within the maintenance department and equipment installations

- Coordinates and equally distributes all the activities within the security and maintenance department

- Creates performance evaluations within its team

- Plans and executes the annual / monthly budge within its department

- Evaluates and suggest new service provides to the maintenance area

- Develops growth and development plans for the Facilities department

- Creates maintenance forecasting to prevent and correct the air conditioner and electric system

- Strategically plans the purchase of new equipment for the Facilities area

- Supervise the attendance and schedule reports from its employees

- It’s responsible of the selection of the cafeteria provider

- It’s responsible of reporting all expenses conducted within its department

- Prepares and suggest new internal security procedures

- Coordinates all industrial security drills

- Coordinates and executes evacuation drills within the site

- Provides support to our clients based on their needs in regards of the infrastructure

- Coordinates the physical remodeling for the creation of new work stations

- Supervises all installation processes, maintenance and equipment repairs with external providers

- Executes order purchasing for the equipment and maintenance material

- Executes all other activities that are assigned by the General Manager and/or Board of directors




- Must have a college degree within Business Administration, Management Engineering, Industrial Engineering or any related field

- Experience in maintenance of wiring, air conditioning, plumbing, etc.

- Experience with evacuation plans , signage, first aid, will be a plus

- Have knowledge of labor laws

- Ability to negotiate and create strong relationships between suppliers and the company

- Excellent organizational and leadership skills

- Maintain confidentiality

- High ability to deal with all kinds of personalities

- Excellent verbal and written communication skills

- Ability to work as a team player and empathizing with all employees

- Knowledge of basic accotunting and finance principles

- Good analytical/critical thinking


Basic skills:


- High ability to teach and deal with different personalities

- High skilled in navigating through the Internet and computing packages

- High level of integrity

- High English level (85% minimum)

- High leadership skills

- High knowledge in security monitoring