IT Support Specialist


Objective of the position:


Maintains, operates and provides support to the IT systems, computers, communication equipment and peripherals. Installs, supports and administrates computers and resolves issues whenever is required. He follows established guidelines and instructions to conduct his daily work. He has direct interaction with users and clients.


Job Description:


- Takes care of resolving users’ requests and incidents impacting the operation

- Provides technical support to Operations and Administrative staff

- Keeps track of the IT inventory, maps all the equipment installed at the production floor, offices and IT warehouse

- Assists end users (internal and external clients) resolving their software and hardware issues through phone calls, emails and onsite

- Documents and keeps track of all incidents reported to the IT Helpdesk

- Controls and measures the results of IT support tickets presented on daily basis by operations

- Provides maintenance to the PCs and Phones to ensure optimal performance.

- Delivers headsets and responsibility memos to agents

- Checks the overall appearance and functionality of headsets when these are returned by agents retiring the Company, depending on the result of the headset diagnosis he informs the HR department if there is any discount to be applied to the agent

- Executes any other duties assigned by the CIO, CEO or Board of Directors

- Has access to value documents (Cash, Invoices, PO’s,)

- Has access to confidential information

- Decision making

- Requires hearing and visual efforts in the developing of the normal duties of this job

- Maintain confidentiality


Qualities and Qualifications:


- High School degree: Emphasis in Computer Science or related

- College Student: 4th semester of Telecommunications, Systems Engineering, Electronic Engineering or related field.

- Previous experience in Technical Support, 2+ years in IT Support roles

- PCs repair, Customer Service, overall technology understanding

- Intermediate English Level

- High knowledge on printers, copies, scanners

- Management of computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, IP phones

- High knowledge of operating systems, Windows, Mac OS, MS Office