Success at no cost!

Starting early 2017, Nearsol Academy has been changing the world one graduate at a timewith a plan to help individuals develop a specific skills needed in order to join today’s competitive professional world and become important players in it..

10 Aug 2017

Mayor Mabilog welcomes Nearsol as the new BPO company in Iloilo

Our gratitud to honorable Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog for taking the time to welcome us to the City of Iloilo.

28 Feb 2017

Nearsol is recognized as a contributor of the local economy in Iloilo

Great amount of  jobs will be made available for Ilonggos once Nearsol starts its operation on April 2017 in Iloilo.

24 Feb 2017

Participating in AMCHAM’s Job Fair!

Nearsol continues to grow exponentially, and plans to open new jobs in 2017 at the next Job Fair organized by the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM)

06 Jan 2017

Philippines in

January 2017!

Nearsol is immensely proud to announce that it will be breaking ground on its new location in Iloilo, Philippines in

January 2017!

04 Jan 2017


with Nearsol!

Cyclers are taking over the streets in Guatemala; everyday many people use this type of transportation to go from one place to another.

02 Jan 2017

How I became

an Exporter!

After Nearsol received the best exporter award in the Contact Center & BPO sector in 2016.

29 Dec 2016



Guatemala is in a strategic point in the region for the American market, only a few hours away from one of the largest economies in the world.

25 Dec 2016



Different media has showed interest on knowing how Nearsol became such a successful company, such is the case of Contrapoder Magazine, in an interview to Victor Pereda, CEO.

25 Dec 2016

Nearsol Wins

Export Award!

Export companies get recognition for their work in benefiting national development.

22 Dec 2016



It has come to our attention at Nearsol that Guatemala has a great need for the development of humanitarian aid programs.

30 Nov 2016

BPO Project!

As a result of a study made on social progress, which revealed that people working in the Contact Center and BPO.


21 Nov 2016

National Exports Award nominations are announced!

On September 22, 2016, the 28th edition of AGEXPORT’s National Export Award will take place at the Westin Camino Real Hotel.

14 Sep 2016

Nearsol Tower Inauguration!

Nearsol and Convergent inaugurated their new building and multi-country customer service operations.

03 Jun 2013