RT Supervisor


Job Description:

Responsible for real-time and/or intraday management of resources to ensure the correct

number of agents at the right times are in their seats to answer an accurately forecasted

volume of incoming calls at the desire service level.


 Job Duties:

- Coordinates the appropriate staffing allocation and availability of call center staff in order to

achieve service level objectives

- Coordinates appropriate staffing allocation and availability of call center staff in order to

achieve service level objectives

- Monitors site to ensure optimal staffing levels

- Adjust intraday forecasts derived from understood business drivers to determine required

staffing levels by projecting call volumes, call duration, and required staffing levels using

current trends and historical data

- Administers volume contingency action plans as deemed necessary and appropriate

- Runs and analyzes reports with the result of making recommendations for adjusting staffing

levels to meet departmental productivity and profitability goals

- Completes root-cause analysis to determine and quantify reasons for forecast variance and

recommends changes to enhance forecast accuracy and effectiveness

- Keys daily exceptions requests, updates schedules and responds to escalated issues and

ad-hoc requests

- Ensure that all reports originating from the department are accurate and reliable

- Helps with the integration and implementation of new call center technologies

- Assumes and performs other duties and responsibilities not specifically outlined herein, but

which are logically and property inherent to the position



- Intermediate knowledge of call center management and all related calculations

- Intermediate knowledge of different forecasting/scheduling software

- Strong organizational skills

- Ability to prioritize workload, meet deadlines and perform multiple tasks with attention to


- Ability to communicate call center data/forecast to all levels of employees in an

understandable fashion

- Ability to work independently with minimal supervision

- Capability of problem solving

- Minimum of one (1) year of WFM experience in a multi-channel call center environment

- Spreadsheet with intermediate formula application and database software (e.g. Excel and

Access) experienced required

- Knowledge in Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) technology and experienced with

forecasting/scheduling software


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