Accounting Management


Nearsol provides reliable and accurate accounting services for businesses of every size. We customize our accounting services with your business and your employees in mind. Nearsol is focused on helping our clients succeed in their own missions. We ensure our clients have a cost-effective and scalable financial infrastructure that provides meaningful financial information and guidance that is timely and accurate while minimizing compliance related risks.


Services offered:

- Payroll

- Accounts Payable and Receivable




Payroll is a very important process in any business. We take into consideration your needs and it doesn’t matter if you are a small business or a global business, it is very important that every one of your employees receives the correct pay of their salary and benefits every time. We make sure that we are compliant with every local law.


Our set-up is easy, transparent and our processing is fast and on time, making sure that you do not have any delays with payment with your employees.


Our services include:

- Maintaining employees database

- Payroll processing to calculate net salary to employees

- Employee contributions calculated according to all statutory entities

- Time accounting

- Performance measurement and evaluation

- Pay and incentive computation

- Compensation planning

- Tax deductions

- Government medical deductions

- Review compliance with law

- Payroll reports

- Severance payments

- Additional pay periods per year


Payroll payment solutions:

- Direct Deposit

- Checks

- Online Transfers


Accounts Payable:


Maintaining accounts for your business is crucial to keeping your financial records accurate, organized and up to date. Nearsol Our service helps your business keep track of all your accounts payables and it informs you of exactly where your money is going.

Our Accounts Payable Services help you manage outgoing bills and invoices on behalf of your company. Whether it’s utility payments, inventory invoices or reimbursements.


Our Accounts Payable service includes:

- Invoice upload

- Multi-level approval

- Multi-level approvals based on project, department, vendor and currency threshold.

- Fast and accurate data entry of all your Accounts Payable information into your system

- Maintaining and updating records of expenditures

- Ensuring payments are made on time and in accordance to company policy

- Responding to vendor invoices

- Resolving payment discrepancies

- Providing regular and accurate reports

- Account review of transactions before processing

- Storing payable and supporting documents

- Accrual report for month-end closing


We’re ready to accommodate to your needs.

Our Services: