Guatemala has shown a great advancement in its economy in the last fifteen years, It is not just a coffee bean, bananas and sugar exporter anymore, but a great option to outsource services.


Located in the heart of America.


Conveniently located to serve its neighboring countries in the north such as Canada, United States and Mexico and all the Mercosur countries in the south. It is quickly becoming a main referent after generating investments of approximately 34.5 billions of dollars between 2011 and 2016 from diverse industries including outsourcing services.

Being the country with the largest population (16.5M people) in Central America.


Back in 2012 the outsourcing industry represented 4.5% of the countries Gross Domestic Product, but now it has risen to 9.5%. This has shifted the country to invest in modern technological infrastructure and new construction developments.


The Call Center & BPO industry is bringing the “American Dream” to Guatemala.


Guatemala is prosperous and transparent country. The Government along with private entities including the exporters guild are promoting initiatives in pro of a more competitive and transparent country, such as the Programa Nacional de Competitividad (National competitiveness program).


The country is in the right track to become the best nearshore destiny in Central America and the Caribbean, offering multiple services in the main two languages of the region Spanish and English, not to mention French, German and Portuguese languages are on the rise.


Needless to say, the business climate for the investors is promising given the fact that the bilingual population is constantly increasing. Ranked as one of the top ten best countries to carry a business in Latin America.


5 Reasons to Invest in Guatemala


Great Region to Invest


Guatemala counts with a vibrant economy, a lot younger than the rest of Central America, with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $53,673.4M annually; it is ranked in the top ten economies in Latin America, with many benefits for investors not to mention its transparency and competitiveness. Since 2013 the Central American country has shown a growth of 400% on FDI foreign direct investment, which represents economic stability and trust for the big enterprises.


Trustworthy Business Partner


A country with a reliable banking system that is strictly regulated and protected by FOPA (Savings Protection Fund) offers security to their customers.


Competitive Partner


Qualified local talent in multiple areas, with a population of more than 15 M people from which 70% fall between the productive age group, young and dynamic; and most importantly a sustainable asset for investors, this numbers not only reflect stability but an labor force with an academic growth that can boost the Contact Center & BPO Industry.


International Treaties


Guatemala’s legislature offers many incentives to people with the objective of having more skilled people that can build, manufacture or produce exporting goods and services as well as benefits in the customs taxation.


Strategic Development Plans


The outsourcing industry has advanced significantly since it first started more than fifteen years ago, reaching a great maturity level; it has brought together the government and private sectors to work in synergy in favor of foreign investors that will contribute with the economic expansion of the country.

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