Human Resources Management


Nearsol's expertise in outsourced HRM consultancy helps deliver flexible and practical employment support that your business needs. Taking a different approach to outsourced HR, supplying a range of consultancy packages, business support functions that allow you to focus on managing your business. Outsourcing HR services to professionals can make a huge difference, as the ability to recruit and train highly specialized employees can often be an expensive and time consuming process. Our HRM outsourcing services can be divided into four general categories.


Services Offered:

- HR Outsourcing

- Recruitment & Staffing

- Employee Leasing


HR Outsourcing:


We have the means and experience to do it for you, thus enabling you to focus on key business processes and core competencies, while we take care of the rest. Our process entails services related to current HR management. We perform all the usual in-house HRM processes.

- Related accounting services

- Motivational scheme

- Employee retention and commitment programs

- Related legal services

- Company development

- Career paths

- Training services

- Labor and wage studies


Recruitment & Staffing:


We are a company that focuses on the placement of highly qualified personnel in different areas within a company. We have over five years of experience in the Recruitment and Selection field; knowing the importance in finding the right staff to the needs of each individual company we serve. We perform several government and internal background checks, a 10-panel drug test, English placement tests, interview processes and filters that help us to know the potential, skills and knowledge of each candidate, making sure they are compatible with the required profile. Our major focus is the pursuit of sustainable jobs to avoid early turnover.


Our work philosophy is based on commitment, because it is through our experience and knowledge we can achieve total customer satisfaction. We are a company that promotes diversity of the potential that each employee possesses and applies in our work every day. We also appreciate to work together with our customers; being aware of the principles and passions that motivate our customers to be better every day.


Our vast network of relationships and our automated database of pre-screened, accredited and available professionals, powered by our exclusive recruiting technology, allow us to quickly identify and isolate the ideal candidates to fill your staffing needs.


Employee Leasing:


Employee leasing is great alternative to traditional employee recruitment that eliminates various expensive and time-consuming elements related to a regular in-house hire. Leased employees report to the client company for their daily tasks, while remaining legally employed by Nearsol. Whether it is done to fill a full-time or part-time position, this approach will help avoid quite a few time and monetary investments, including locating, interviewing and recruiting employees as well as managing their payroll taxes and handling other HRM processes. This service is usually performed if a client needs additional labor to perform tasks of a one-time nature, or if a client requires employees with specific skills and expertise that are not available internally.


If a client requires an employee working outside the region of the clients company, but for some reason a client does not wish to register an official business in another region, leased employees can perform their daily tasks from one of our branch offices. Alternatively, leased employees may also be located within a client's office, while Nearsol remains the legal employer responsible for handling all employee related HRM processes

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Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management
Human Resources Management