Meet the Bike

Sturdy frame


The aluminum frame is easy to straddle and has a low center of gravity for a more stable ride.



To brake, just squeeze the levers on both handlebars.

Durable tires


The tires are always inflated before each ride.

Safety First!

Joining requirements:


- Be an active employee


- Valid ID


- Complete Form FDB-01-2017 "Terms & Conditions  - Form"


- A clean riding record with us

Adjustable seat


Padded saddle seat is comfortable and rain-resistant. The metal lever at the bottom of the seat post allows you to adjust the seat to your height.


Handlebars with shifters


The handlebars are designed to let you sit upright and enjoy greater visibility. The shifter is built right into the handlebar.

Carrying bag


Brown bag that will help you secure your belongings.

 Chain and guard fenders


Front and rear fenders protect you from rain or dirt, and the metal chain guard prevents grease from getting on your pant legs.

Bike includes:


- Cool helmet


- Reflective vest


- Protective chain

Riding requirements:


- Be an active employee


- Fill out Form FDB-02-2017 "Bicycle Request Form"


- Always carry a Valid ID


- Use of all safety and security equipment


- Respectful of all traffic laws


- A clean riding record


- Sober and no health issues that can prevent you from riding a bicycle


- Be a responsible rider