Real Estate & Site Build Out



Each facility is custom built to suit each client’s unique needs, requirements and corporate standards. We make sure that our clients can start operating in a brand-new, well-designed, ready-to-use facility in a short period of time. Utilizing our CAPEX and OPEX financial models, our solutions allow for the rapid set-up of our client’s physical and business operations. When we build corporate interior projects, we create your ideal space by providing smart, innovative solutions hand in hand with a fast and safe execution.


We value our clients and their privacy is important to us, this is why we always build out independent sites for each one of our clients. We offer site build out in Guatemala, Nicaragua and Philippines, but have the capability as well in Mexico, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador. Let us build the corporate office that works for you!


Our comprehensive portfolio of services delivers great value in terms of building highly functional, efficient and healthy workplace environments that are custom built to our client’s specifications.


Our services include:

- Real Estate & Site Selection

- Floor Plan & Distribution Design

- Interior Construction Build Out & Project Management

- Furniture & Equipment Provider


Real Estate & Site Selection


We can assist you in every step of the process, first by searching and identifying the correct property based on detailed specification provided by you and using industry standards from the local market.


We know of the difficulties in choosing the correct site for your business. There are many factors to consider, such as real estate characteristics, location, employee accessibility, labor pool, clients and logistics, to name a few. Our job is to help you maximize the ROI and to reduce any future difficulties that you can encounter with your new facility.


Floor Plan & Distribution Design


We will custom-design your floor plan to give you a better view of the building's distribution before construction. We understand our clients’ desire to maintain their brand image on their sites; this is why we offer an onsite visit of your properties in case you’d like to follow the same style of design and distribution on your new site. We use Lean practices and work collaboratively with clients and design teams to meet the unique requirements of fast-paced tenant fit-outs and office renovation work.


Interior Construction Build Out & Project Management


We deliver modern and fast-paced interior construction methods and project management solutions that address the wide range of workforce and vendor management challenges faced by every company in today’s complex world. We consistently add value by delivering results that have a positive impact on resource efficiency while reducing costs and mitigating risks. A dedicated project manager will be assigned to your project. We have an impeccable record of delivering projects on or ahead of schedule and with the highest safety standards. We can deliver 500-seat call center within 8-12 weeks of having the approved floor plans.


Furniture and Equipment Provider


Utilizing our CAPEX & OPEX models we can deliver turnkey, fully furnished and fully equipped facilities. Through our procurement system, and partner companies, Nearsol ensures clients of competitive pricing for all furnishing and equipment for their offices and guarantees that value-added services are available and provided. Your company's culture drives the workspace. Modern facilities serve as recruiting tools designed to attract and retain the best employees.

Our Services: