Rolling with Nearsol

We are proud to bring the first free commuting bicycle riding system in Guatemala. Rolling with Nearsol is a social project that promotes a greener, safer, free and efficient transportation solution for our employees. We want to promote exercise while helping the environment.


Request a bike and enjoy the ride.

Faster than walking, cheaper than a taxi, and a lot safer than a bus!


A fun and free way to get around the city


How Nearsol Bicycles works:


Rules of the road:


- Plan a sensible route


- Do a pre-ride check


- Always wear a helmet


- Obey all traffic signals


- Yield to pedestrians


- Use hand signals


- Don't use your cell while riding


- Always be careful and responsible with your actions



In case of an accident please call us immediately to assist you


Hotline: 2504-2700 Ext 4072


Insurance Assistance Number: 1789



...and now start Rolling with Nearsol!





Become a rider by signing up with the Facilities Department




Take as many short rides as you want by using your hourly pass or take the bike home by using your daily pass

Click here to Meet with Bike

Why Roll with Nearsol?


- Save money on bus tickets

- Save money on gas

- Save time getting to destinations

- Have fun while riding

- Get exercise

- Reduce stress

- Save the environment