Why Us?


We have extensive experience in process management for Call Centers. We have the best resources from both the operational side and in the technological branch, thus guarantee the success on each new project. To keep the effectiveness of processes, Nearsol focuses on maintaining a pleasant work environment for employees, in order to reduce the turnover and attrition percentage. We have the most qualified staff for each area, which is prepared for their professional development within the industry, motivating their academic aspirations.


Nearsol has a high level of commitment and discipline, making our representatives identify themselves with the company they work for as well as the company service. Our technology and facilities are the most appropriate for this business, because they are managed to suit our client`s requirements to prevent any information leakage, which is a guarantee from our part.


Everyone at Nearsol is empowered by our core values. We strongly believe that hard work always leads to excellence, our people's attitude reflects our passion for everything we do, every new project is a chance for us to innovate, we are one hundred percent committed and determined to fulfill our client's expectations and surpass them by being loyal to their needs, always having the courage to make decisions with integrity.


Nearsol believes in the power of great working relationships and in promoting our culture of family. We inculcate this into each and every member of our great team.



We focus on delivering the best Always Customer Service and exceed our customers’ expectations and needs. We are not just service providers but allies to our business partners. We believe in teamwork and mutual respect. We deliver our promises. We are always looking for continuous improvement.


Always Customer Service is more than a policy; is a culture that is inherited by upper management to ensure and maintain motivation and commitment from our staff to our customers.

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