Workstation Lease

If you are searching for an outsourcing company but you would like to take full control of your business operations without the need to invest in expensive infrastructure, Nearsol offers a workstation lease service so you can have a convenient workplace environment to operate in. Our sites are independently designed and built out for each client. We value our client’s privacy and this is why we always offer workstation leasing in private sites for each client.


We offer competitive, cost-effective and fully customizable plug-and-play facilities. With our workstation lease options, we will help your business reduce outsourcing costs so you can focus more on your business and less on managing an office.


We care for you and your business's success; this is why we are here to provide the assistance you need. Contact us today for information to see if our workstation lease services can complement your company’s needs.


We currently offer workstation lease options in Guatemala, Nicaragua and Philippines, but have the capability as well in Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador.


Our workstation lease package includes:

- PC/Laptop

- Agent desk and office chair

- Locker for each employee

- Plug and play certified structured cabling

- Standard internet connection

- Electricity and Air Conditioning

- IT support

- Fiber optic lines

- Data Center Space & Equipment

- Multiple Internet Service Providers

- Redundant internet connection with multiple gateways

- Backup power provided by the building in case of power outage

- 24/7 Security guard with key card access

- Training space

- Access Control System

- Conference room

- Cafeteria and common areas usage

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Workstation Lease
Workstation Lease

Workstation Lease
Workstation Lease