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Take Your Recruitment Process to the Next Level with NEARSOL

Nearsol - Take Your recruitment Process

NIA “Nearsol Intelligence Assistant” headed by a spunky chatbot who makes the recruitment and application equally fun and simple for both the applicant and the HR officer, by automating the monotonous and tedious tasks of the process.

What makes NIA a different experience for the HR manager is it assists in helping us find qualified candidates who fit the culture and values of Nearsol, distinguishing an individual from any other candidate to a long-term cultural fit employee.

NIA helps automate the key aspects built into our recruitment process; bespoke protocols, experienced agents, a dependable system, the latest technology, and a bulletproof workforce. We have what your other service providers don’t “Passion” for what we do. 

And here is how NIA “Nearsol Intelligence Assistant” bridges the gap. 

On Point Lead Generation
Inbound Candidate Capture: collects accurate information about employment opportunities including responsibilities, benefits, and requirements.

  • A/B Testing for better performance 
  • Building trust and setting expectations
  • A robust system to capture iInformation.

We meet our candidates where they are, using technology that allows us to do Asynchronous Interviewing and more. Empowers recruiters to have as much relevant information as possible beforehand.

  • Having NIA collect a video introduction during the application process enables the first interview to take a deeper dive into understanding the applicant without waiting until the first call.

Nia’s hub enables ease of workflow management ensuring process excellence.

  • By prioritizing applications based on data 
  • The workflow is seamlessly managed from Level 1-Pre-screening, scheduling, evaluation, submission of requirements, and finally to an employment contract.
  • Close candidates by providing a standardized and guided application process at each site that ensures best practice & experience.

Our system makes it easy for individuals to get hired for a fitting career to ensure growth opportunities and this platform makes job hunting a breeze for anyone seeking a career from home or even anyone who wishes to return to the workforce after a hiatus.

With NIA, clients can be assured they have the best team to service their needs. While we pursue a family culture, we aim to treat our employees how we take care of clients.

Nearsol is armed with the best technology there is.The result? Concrete bottom lines, objectives met, lower attrition rates, hiring only the best talent, and reducing recruitment costs.

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