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Building A Great Place To Work Is A Post-Pandemic Necessity


Great Resignation

One of the big stories of the pandemic, and especially this immediate period where we are seeing a gradual return to normal, is the Great Resignation. It has been a global trend, but has been most pronounced in the US and has resulted in many more people than usual quitting their jobs and looking for something else.

Some have argued that the uncertainty of the pandemic has led to many people questioning their career or work/life balance. Others have argued that the pandemic created an artificial bottleneck – for most of 2020 it was very difficult to look for a job so people stayed where they were already, creating pent-up demand that was released as soon as people could move.

Whatever the history books reveal with their more detailed analysis, one thing is clear – employees are asking more of employers.

They want to retain much of the flexibility they enjoyed during the pandemic, including the option to sometimes work from home. They want to know more about the future of their job and how it might lead to a steady career. They are being more vocal and proactive in demanding that their employer is worthy of their time and expertise.

Naturally this might worry some employers. If you are paying low salaries and not offering support or guidance then good luck managing your attrition. As this article in HR Director magazine suggests, I believe that for smart leaders there is a genuine opportunity here. The Great Resignation could become the Great Retention or even the Great Attraction. There is an opportunity to make your company an employer of choice by responding to what many employees are calling for.


It’s really all about culture. What kind of company are you building? Does it support your employees and create a great working environment with a pathway into future career options or are you treating your employees like numbers, not people?

Look at the culture page on the Nearsol website. Immediately you can see that we have been recognized as a Great Place To Work in both the Philippines and Guatemala. These are externally-audited awards where our employees talk confidentially to auditors – it’s a great indication of what we are offering.

Our entire company also focuses on being a great member of the community. Creating jobs is important, but companies can help their neighbors with training, resources, and even toys. Modern companies need to focus on the environment, society, and their own governance if they want to remain attractive to employees, customers, and investors.

For us it all starts with the recruitment process. In many organizations, this feels like a production line, a grind that HR teams just want to automate so they can make the entire process easier. We take the opposite view. Some automation can actually be used to make the process more enjoyable for the applicant. It can ensure they know exactly what is needed when applying for a job and can keep them updated on the process.

Making the hiring process easy and fun for those who want to join our team is just the first step. Once they are on board then we continue supporting them with training and career guidance.

Modern contact centers offer a wide array of career options today. They require experts in data analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, security, and biometrics, alongside sales and marketing. Working with customers is a great pathway into any of these specialist careers.

And it can all start by improving the hiring process and making your company a great place to work. Think about the culture you want to create. That’s how to manage attrition.

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