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Business Types That Work Best with a Seat Leasing Arrangement

Office Seats in NEARSOL

Seat leasing is one of the most in-demand outsourcing model in the Philippines for good reason. It is a more cost-efficient option compared to renting an office space.  With seat leasing (or SLaaS), clients only need to pay monthly premiums for a fully furnished office space, complete equipment with software, and trained personnel.

The most common types of businesses that can maximize a seat leasing arrangement are:

  1. ONLINE SHOPPING – The Philippines has caught the online shopping bug via the more famous platforms – Lazada and Shoppee. There are more on this growing list. A key factor for these platforms’ growth and success is a centralized and organized team that can expand or contract at a moment’s notice – sans the training, the huge investment of building a space to market products, answer queries, place, and track orders, etc.
  1. OFFSHORE and OUTSOURCED OPERATIONS – It surprises many that there are BPOs for BPOs. The Business Process Outsourcing industry is a high-growth industry precisely for the ease of setting it up.  Anyone is practically set to go with a client, a robust internet connection, a good team, and a sturdy data security system. But more than this, many BPOs can scale fairly quickly because they can outsource their outsourcing services as well.
  1. LOGISTICS / SHIPPING / COURIER COMPANIES – Tracking, monitoring, and answering queries as to orders are crucial operations that are best handled by a centralized system. These business activities can expand or contract depending on demand.  A seat leasing solution offers such flexibility.
  1. REAL ESTATE – While the Philippine real estate landscape isn’t as huge as those overseas, having a centralized team to handle calls, process documents, and manage listings is a huge boon to any real estate business. Sure, anyone can do this, but a seat lease service ensures that the agent handling any query is fully equipped with the training, software, and hardware to handle operations from day one.
  1. VIRTUAL ASSISTANCE – VA clients prefer a team with an office for the infrastructure, backup internet, and data security. They also prefer an “address” and a team they can specifically go to. In this instance, a seat leasing arrangement works best. Whether it’s just to rent equipment or to engage the services of an entire team, seat leasing allows the business owner flexibility in terms of demand and capacity.

Of course, these are just a few of the industries that have taken advantage of seat leasing services from reputable BPO companies in the Philippines.

Seat Leasing Allows Business Owners and Managers to focus on core business functions

With seat leasing, the technological advantages can no longer be contradicted. BPO seat leasing enables companies to outsource non-essential tasks such as product information management so that the main business operations can be the team’s sole focus.

Do you seek to outsource but don’t know where to start?

With NEARSOL’s Seat Leasing as a Service (SLaaS),  the client can take full advantage of fully functional workstations, inclusive of hardware and an IT team 24/7 at reasonable costs. Our sites are specifically built to cater to scaling businesses – fully equipped with training space and interview rooms

NEARSOL’s SLaaS offers highly flexible terms versus the traditional five-year minimum lease.  No other BPO can match this agility when it comes to support staff, facility management, IT support, and housekeeping.

Further, as opposed to needing a few months lead time, with NEARSOL, clients’ start dates can be arranged to just a few day’s notice.

IT equipment, PCs, and data center equipment with high data security is outfitted to fit the client’s needs.  The white glove portion of this service includes ample design and branding that is tailor-fit to client requirements.

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