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NEARSOL’s Real-life Iron Man

Victor Pereda holding the Iron Man 70.3 Tri Athlon Medal

NEARSOL Chief Executive Officer Victor Pereda’s track record shows he isn’t just a tour de force in the boardroom, he is a force to be reckoned with in triathlons as well!

In top shape and at the top of his game, VP, affectionately called within the NEARSOL conglomerate, competed at the Ironman 70.3 Morro Bay, California clocking in at his personal best.

A triathlon is a race consisting of three events – 1.5 kilometers of swimming, 40 kilometers of biking, and 10 kilometers of running.  The order is always the same with the transition time between each event included in the participants’ total time. It’s a grueling race that guarantees a rush like no other for thrill seekers, fitness buffs, or just about anyone seeking to push the envelope when it comes to mental strength and physical ability.

Speaking of mental and physical strength, preparations alone require discipline, consistency, and dedication – three traits that guarantee success in any endeavor.  As with NEARSOL core values, VP, as NEARSOL’s CEO Victor Pereda is addressed within the organization, says that these same traits are what sets NEARSOL apart.  “It’s a daily commitment to gaining momentum, speed, and strength while aiming for the best results.” Says the dedicated CEO triathlete who candidly admits that the mental preparation for a physically taxing sport is the same kind of dedication that can be seen in every NEARSOL hub.

Success is the ability to balance and realign

VP is a strong advocate of wellness and balance.  At NEARSOL, a work-life balance and a healthy working environment take top priorities.  Our mantra, “Always Customer Service” will only work when our stakeholders, our employees, are mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy.  When we take care of ourselves, we are best positioned to take care of our clients.

Walking his talk, VP is no stranger to facing challenges head-on.  At every stage of the competition, all participants will have to fight off fatigue, exhaustion, and discomfort.  The key is to find your way around your aches and challenges, adapt, and move forward.  This is the exact same mindset that he has encouraged across and among all levels at NEARSOL.

This year’s triathlon is special to NEARSOL Philippines.

Morro Bay holds significant meaning in Philippine history because this marks the spot where Filipinos first landed in America on October 18, 1587.  As I complete the race today, I salute and commemorate all the hardworking Filipinos in history as well as our Pinoy NEARSOL family members across all our hubs. Mabuhay!”  – Victor Pereda, CEO NEARSOL.

In Morro Bay, a special rock marks the original landing of Filipinos to America on October 18, 1587, some 33 years before the Pilgrims landed.

NEARSOL is a US-based BPO and service company that offers clients custom-design solutions.  With major hubs in Manila and Iloilo, it began operations in 2011 and has since gained a strong presence in the Latin American regions, the Caribbean, and the Asia Pacific, winning many awards for quality and service along the way. Most recent of which is its Great Place to Work-Certified™ Recognition, a global accreditation that tells stakeholders what employees think of the company culture.

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