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There is no question that for almost all companies, the biggest expense, across the board is employee compensation.  Many global companies spend a huge chunk of their income on motivating their people through salaries, perks, and bonuses.   

But what was good enough to be labeled “great” a decade isn’t good enough now.  To survive and thrive, organizations have to build great places to work. 

But what does a great place to work look like? How does it feel?  What kind of culture does a great workplace inculcate? 

This was what the organization, Great Place to Work, sought to uncover.  For more than two decades, they have been conducting one of the largest employee surveys in the world.  In the United States, they are known for producing the annual Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For in America and other Best Workplaces lists.  Similar lists are also made in 50 countries across six continents.  

Each year they survey as many as 4 million employees globally at more than 6,000 companies. These firms collectively employ roughly 10 million people.  Over time, the treasure trove of data has painted a picture of what employees feel a great company should be. 

There is a formula to it, and this recognition’s objective is to help leaders build a thriving company.  

“The new frontier in business is about improving results 

by developing every ounce of human potential.” 

 As societal and technological changes have continuously created unique opportunities and challenges for organizations.  It is no longer a matter of hard knowledge and skills.  The competition now lies in agility and flexibility.   

A huge chunk of the workforce, the millennials, expect workplaces to provide meaning, balance, and career development. They also expect the brands they buy to espouse the same values they do.  They go as far as boycotting products they feel aren’t in line with their ethos.  Female employees, as well as employees of varying racial and ethnic groups, are now more vocal about the injustices they face in the workplace.  

All these changes now mean that companies must clear a higher bar in creating cultures and work environments that welcome everyone.  

A Great Place to Work certification measures six components. 

  1.  Values
  2. Innovation 
  3. Financial Growth 
  4. Leadership Effectiveness 
  5. Maximizing Human Potential and 
  6. Trust. 

The first four are par for the course when it comes to running an organization.  The fifth and sixth items, however, (Maximizing Human Potential and Trust) are the crucial areas that make a difference.  How well do companies create a consistently positive experience for all employees no matter who they are or what they do for the organization?   Does the organization encourage trust and interdependence to get the job done?  Trust fuels and accelerates business performance.   

The process is rigorous as it requires employee surveys, audits, and benchmarking against global parameters.   The assessment by the GPTW certifying body concludes with a comprehensive analysis, part and parcel of which are statements with percentage rankings that best describe the organization. 

“This is a physically safe place to work.” 

“People here are treated fairly regardless of their gender.” 

“I am given the resources and equipment to do my job.” 

“People here are treated fairly regardless of their sexual orientation.” 

“When you join the company, you are made to feel welcome.” 

What’s in it for stakeholders?  

A quick look at the GPTW website gives job hunters and those seeking lucrative careers great insight into companies and industries. 

For employers and leaders, however, the advantage is immense.  Not only does the GPTW certification help elevate the employer brand, fulfill the employment pipeline, and keep top talent engaged,  it also shows that the company culture they chose is a culture that works for them.   

For clients, a GPTW Certification assures that they are partnering with a trustworthy company,  

When employees feel that they matter … when they feel recognized and appreciated for their contributions, the results are felt and seen – employee engagement, retention rates, productivity, progressive financial statements, fewer sick days, accidents at work, and the like. It becomes a win-win for both the service provider and the client seeking to upscale.  

“The mantra at NEARSOL is Always Customer Service. To deliver, we have to be more than service providers.  We have to be allies. And for that to happen, our organization has to believe in the power of cultivating great working relationships and promoting the culture of family.”   

What does this mean for NEARSOL?  

Earning the Great Place to Work™ Certification for three years straight validates our culture of FAMILY.   

Contrary to naysayers, a “family culture” isn’t “complacency” or “lack of personal boundaries”.  At NEARSOL, we cultivate a culture of caring and compassion, passion and drive, growth and discipline.  It’s a culture of TRUST where everyone, regardless of age, gender, orientation, or affiliation is given equal opportunity to thrive.  

Here, employees are MADE TO FEEL WELCOME.  Whatever your job description or rank, opportunities abound to upscale and progress.   

NEARSOL joins the ranks of global giants such as American Express, McDonald’s USA, and Hilton. 

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