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13, A Lucky Number for NEARSOL!

NEARSOL Employees

If you think 13 is an unlucky number, think again.  While the number 13 is often considered unlucky in many cultures (so much so that some buildings, hotels, and hospitals skip the 13th floor), numerology thinks otherwise.

Positive facts about the number 13

According to numerology, 13 symbolizes change and transformation (perfect for a new year).

In Norse mythology, Odin had 12 sons who, together with himself, created a group of 13 gods.  

The number 13 is associated with the element of air, bringing in more intellectual and creative energy.

In Tarot, the 13th card is “death” – which symbolizes endings that can lead to powerful rebirths and even better beginnings!

The Japanese believe that the number 13 brings good fortune and luck as the Japanese word sounds similar to their word for “live”.

The ancient Sumerians believed that the number 13 was sacred and related to their goddess of fertility, Ninlil.

And as for NEARSOL, this year marks 13 years of excellent and exceptional service!

Happy 13th Anniversary NEARSOL!

Moving beyond 2024, NEARSOL is now slated to service clients within the European Union and South Africa.

NEARSOL’s Core Competency – Seat Leasing

Seat leasing, what is it?

Seat leasing is an outsourcing business model in which customers choose to handle staff recruiting, training, and management without having to worry about tangible assets such as desks, computers, internet connections, and facility upkeep.

It also includes renting offices and desks from an outsourced company that has already made the necessary investments in the procurement, installation, and maintenance of the physical infrastructure needed for an online business.

Why use seat leasing as a business model?

Pressed for time?  Need to set up a business entity in a few weeks?

Businesses may quickly and affordably set up offshore operations using Seat Leasing.  And the options are as diverse. Seat leasing services differ from one country to the next.  What they have in common, however, are the options for warm seat leasing and cold seat leasing.

With warm seat leasing, customers can access all the service’s essential features. This includes staff to help run the business, along with office furniture, supplies, and equipment. Administrative support is also a common function. Examples include fundamental information technology services, accounting, marketing, human resources, virtual assistance, and administration functions.

Cold seat leasing, on the other hand, only includes everyday tools, equipment, and office chairs. Businesses that go with this option usually already have staff on hand, or at least a small team prepared to work out of the office.

Seat Leasing is viewed as the simplest type among business process outsourcing models. In this model, a third-party service provider is entrusted with the responsibility of IT and office infrastructure, but the customer remains actively involved in people hiring and administration.
(Another model may have heard of is Personnel Leasing. Under this arrangement, the customer hires the BPO to provide the necessary workers.)

Why lease BPO seats?

 These are the advantages of BPO Seat Leasing, regardless of the client’s capacity or size:

1. Bigger, agile flexible capacity

Despite multiple floors, hundreds of seats, or even having the entire building at their disposal, the largest BPOs may need to lease seats from another company to ensure smooth operations.  Without a seat leasing service (and to make sure that every employee gets their own desk), companies that don’t use a seat leasing model rotate them in shifts.

Seat Leasing, on the other hand, allows contact centers to rent out shared office space. With this setup, employees are allowed to bring their own devices and use the rental desk and internet connection.

2. Add-ons and optional services for a healthy work-life balance

Seat Leasing takes employee engagement and work-life balance into serious consideration. Pro-employee facilities with NEARSOL’s Seat Leasing services include game rooms, dynamic conference rooms, high-quality furniture, and pantries. Comfortable, employee-friendly workplaces boost morale, which in turn boost productivity.

3. Quick Expansion

Large firms may easily adjust their operations to meet market demand by leasing seats. Their search for, and subsequent expenditure on, a new place to work and its furnishings will be spared as your seat leasing supplier should take care of this.

Businesses may take advantage of seat leasing by simply teaming up with a seat leasing partner and relocating their operations to the leased spaces.

What distinguishes NEARSOL’s Seat Leasing Service from other alternatives?

What makes NEARSOL the ideal alternative for organizations wishing to modernize, especially when many BPOs provide seat leasing?

Everything else being equal, NEARSOL has been repeatedly “Great Place to Work (GPTW)-accredited”.

Simply stated, NEARSOL workers are pleased with the company culture. And if there is trust and enthusiasm in the workplace, everyone benefits, even the customers!
GPTW Certification ensures customers that they are working with a trustworthy organization. NEARSOL is now a member of an elite association that comprises industry leaders such as Hilton, American Express, and McDonald’s USA.

Collaborate with NEARSOL to create a stress-free and efficient Seat Leasing business model.

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NEARSOL is a US-based BPO and service company that offers clients custom-design solutions.  With major hubs in Manila and Iloilo, it began operations in 2011 and has since gained a strong presence in the Latin American regions, the Caribbean, and the Asia Pacific, winning many awards for quality and service along the way. Most recent of which is its Great Place to Work-Certified™ Recognition, a global accreditation that tells stakeholders what employees think of the company culture.

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