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Everything You Need In One Place NEARSOL’s Seat Leasing Solutions and Inclusions

The best business model for your business is one that allows you to focus on what matters the most. This means that backroom operations should work as seamlessly and as problem-free as possible.

To address their need for growth, while at the same time keeping costs within reason, global businesses have resorted to seat leasing services offshore.

Seat Leasing as a Service (SLaaS) is a business arrangement in which a business rents office space and equipment, such as workstations or seats.

In a nutshell, your business rents a fully equipped office space.

This becomes a lucrative solution whenever companies are unable (or not willing) to make a significant investment in building a new office location, or if demand requires the operations to expand or contract immediately.

NEARSOL’s Seat leasing as a service (SLaaS) helps you avoid the high costs of constructing a new facility outright by offering fully functional, complete spaces on demand.

Seat Leasing’s main focus is to provide a fully operational and furnished office space.

This way, you can scale up or down depending on your needs in a cutting-edge facility, all while keeping full operational control.

Businesses now have a wide variety of models and service combinations to choose from. The optimal solution for your company will always depend on your specific requirements, available funds, and return on investment goals.

NEARSOL’s SLaaS (Seat Leasing as a Service) has been the secret behind many of the world’s Top 500 businesses.

A significant number of NEARSOL’s clients have scaled their business globally without making significant investments in traditional infrastructure thanks to the SLaaS business model.

The model has worked effortlessly, NEARSOL’s clients include colleagues in the BPO industry as well. Put simply, we are the BPO for BPOs who need to expand capacity in a snap.

Seat leasing services in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) may be divided into two types: cold seats and warm seats. Cold seat rental includes a variety of office essentials such as computers, internet access, furniture, and other facilities. Warm seats, on the other hand, include additional staff to successfully carry out other functions that include (but are not limited to) administrative, human resources management, and accounting.

Owing to its many perks and benefits, SLaaS is fast becoming a business solution of choice for many global organizations.

This solution is less expensive than renting office space since customers who lease seats pay monthly for a complete package that includes fully furnished office space, appropriate software and hardware, and trained agents. In addition, lack of space is hardly an issue.

While every engagement is as distinct as our client’s operations, and while clients can tailor fit the services their business needs, NEARSOL’s Seat Leasing standard services already include benchmark global requirements.  The following are also standard inclusions: 

Security Measures

Security monitoring of all areas through CCTV in the security room; But clients have the option of providing their own security personnel if preferred.

Housekeeping Services

Housekeeping is provided once daily on a scheduled basis.

Maintenance and Facility Support

On-call maintenance or facility support services are available on an as-needed basis.


Comprehensive coverage of the leasing cost.

CUSA (Common Use Service Area)

Included within the lease agreement.

Internet Connectivity

Standard internet connectivity is provided but the client may opt to provide their own circuit.

Repair and Maintenance

Ongoing repair and maintenance services are included to ensure operational efficiency and facility upkeep.

The Seat Leasing as a Service (SLaaS) provided by NEARSOL enables the provision of fully operational workstations, including both hardware components and an IT staff, at a much-reduced cost compared to other suppliers. Our sites are particularly designed to accommodate the growth of enterprises, including comprehensive training facilities and interview rooms. 

NEARSOL’s SLaaS offers highly flexible terms versus the traditional five-year minimum lease.

This level of agility in support personnel, facilities management, IT support, and housekeeping surpasses that of any other Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company.
In contrast to requiring many months’ advance notice, NEARSOL allows customers to schedule their start dates with little advance notice, often within a few days or weeks.
The client’s requirements are met by equipping IT equipment, PCs, and data center equipment with robust data security measures. The white glove component of this service includes extensive design and branding that are customized to meet the specific needs of the customer.

Partner with NEARSOL for comprehensive and seamless Seat Leasing solutions.

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