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Conquer the Top 3 Challenges of Global Expansion With NEARSOL’s SLaaS

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Without the right business process outsourcing partner, any hopes of growth and expansion within unfamiliar territory are close to impossible. Not only do they need to know their customers better, they must also be well-informed about the regulations and laws involved and the strategies that must be complied with.  But before we delve into NEARSOL’s seat leasing solutions, take a quick peek at the following top challenges you and your business are bound to face upon expansion into global markets.

  1. Onboarding and Talent Acquisition

Acquiring talent and retaining talent is an important aspect of worldwide growth. Talented employees create a fundamental knowledge base that influences performance within a location. Without experienced staff serving as anchors in that location, your growth effort may lose pace. This is particularly true for any mergers and acquisitions endeavor.

Hiring people locally also presents several issues since it requires a particular onboarding procedure that may be difficult to accomplish especially when done remotely. Hiring personnel entails higher overhead costs, a slew of HR obligations, and, eventually, establishing trust. When hiring abroad, you don’t have the same access to these people, making it more difficult to determine if they’re a suitable match.

It’s easy to overlook, but employing a strong staff is critical to any global company’s success. 

  1. Compliance Issues

Taxation and compliance are also crucial issues that arise when expanding internationally. Operating in more than one country requires complying with many sets of corporate restrictions. Taxes, fees, and trade tariffs are all hurdles that need a sharp eye and skill to navigate successfully.

Organizations should also be aware of unique trade requirements that are applicable to their industry. Failure to comply with the appropriate rules might hinder your growth and result in damaging additional expenditures.

What this requires is thorough research and due diligence. Better yet, hire a business process outsourcing partner with the know-how and experience. 

  1. Facing fierce competition

Intense competition is a given when you are in the company of organizations that offer similar business models, products, and services.

The rule of thumb is to know thy enemy (or enemies). When expanding into a new market, it’s important to assess if any competitors are offering similar products or services. In that case, the key is to find ways to set your products and services apart from the competition and potentially gain an advantage.

Just like a business consultant, you are faced with the challenge of managing two distinct sets of payroll, laws, regulations, and transaction obligations, while your competitor is conveniently handling just one. To ensure success in your new market, it’s crucial to offer distinctive services and establish strong connections with local businesses, local suppliers, shipping and logistics companies, and other key organizations that play a vital role in your supply chain. You may also opt to reassess your business model and check if outsourcing part of your business process gives you the competitive advantage you need.

Our advice?

Gain a solid understanding of the market you seek to enter. More importantly, partner with a business process outsourcing firm that knows your industry’s landscape such as NEARSOL.

NEARSOL’s expertise as well as their vast team of experts allows you a deeper understanding of what the market(s) you intend to enter demands. 
(While we mention only three challenges, remember to take into account any language and cultural barriers, HR complications and obligations, as well as immigration and employee screening.) 

NEARSOL’s SLaaS (Seat Leasing as a Service)

Seat Leasing as a Service (SLaaS) is an arrangement in which a team or business rents office space, equipment, workstations, and seats.

In essence, your business rents a fully equipped office space.

If a company lands a client and is unable to invest in a new office location, NEARSOL’s seat leasing service is a viable option.

Seat leasing services in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) may be divided into two types: cold seats and warm seats. Cold seat rental includes a variety of office essentials such as computers, internet access, furniture, and other facilities. Warm seats, on the other hand, include additional staff to successfully carry out other functions that include (but are not limited to) administrative, human resources management, and accounting.

A significant number of NEARSOL’s clients (including other Business Process Outsourcing companies) have scaled their business globally without making significant investments in traditional infrastructure thanks to the SLaaS business model. 

SLaaS (Seat Leasing as a Service) is quickly becoming the preferred business solution throughout the globe.

Put simply, leasing workspaces is akin to a plug-and-play set-up.

The allure of a plug-and-play workplace stems from the convenience and the ease it brings from setup to actual operations. The fact that this system is ready to use right away is one of its selling features.

With this business model, clients, regardless of home base or location, need not bother with supplying the space or configuring hardware, software, and data security standards.

Seat leasing contracts also provide flexibility. A plug-and-play workplace is more adaptable than hiring a conventional office space. Shorter leases are possible, and contracts may be adapted and evolved to meet the demands of the customer.  This means you only pay for what your company needs as you expand (or contract) your operations. 

“Will my business benefit from NEARSOL’s Seat Leasing Solutions?”

Many businesses have taken full advantage of the time and resources saved by utilizing various outsourcing strategies and service combinations, such as seat leasing.

NEARSOL’s primary objective with Seat Leasing is to offer fully equipped and functional office spaces. Businesses are afforded the flexibility of adjusting operations to meet demand – all while within a state-of-the-art facility and maintaining complete control over operations.

NEARSOL has the necessary expertise to efficiently support your business operations, regardless of the industry you are in. This comprehensive solution encompasses high-speed internet, IT infrastructure, administrative support, security, and maintenance services.

With the SLaaS option, NEARSOL can offer fully functional workstations, inclusive of hardware and an IT team to support our clients 24/7 at minimal cost (other providers are more expensive) Our sites are specifically built to cater to scaling businesses – fully equipped with training space and interview rooms

NEARSOL’s SLaaS offers highly flexible terms versus the traditional five-year minimum lease. 

No other BPO can match this agility when it comes to support staff, facility management, IT support, and housekeeping.

Further, as opposed to needing a few months lead time, with NEARSOL, clients’ start dates can be arranged within just a few days or weeks’ notice.

IT equipment, PCs, and data center equipment with high data security are outfitted to fit the client’s needs.  The white glove portion of this service includes ample design and branding that are tailor-fit to client requirements.

Expanding into new markets poses challenges that can either be specific or boldly confusing. Meet these challenges head-on with NEARSOL’s strategically located seat leasing services. Maximize NEARSOL’s key economic hubs – your gateway to Global Expansion.

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