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Need to ramp up capacity in a snap? Here’s a Plug and Play Solution – Seat Leasing!

NEARSOL Seat Leasing

Plug-and-play offices and workspaces are one of the many modern work solutions that have emerged in the last two decades. For entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses, this could very well be a godsend.  The ability to expand or contract at a moment’s notice gives business owners the advantage of flexibility.

This doesn’t put the bigger players out of the game though. 

More and more medium and large-sized businesses are seeking the same benefits that were once an exclusive advantage for small businesses and hybrid workers.

But first things, first.  What’s the difference between a plug-and-play office and a co-working space?

Both are similar in that they offer clients fully-equipped workspaces where they can get serious work done.  However, the key difference is that with plug-and-play offices:

  • Clients have exclusive access to the workspace. This means that only your team members or employees are granted use. With co-working spaces, you share the location with others;
  • Plug-and-play offices can offer you the option of using their business address as your own.  The biggest advantage here is that you immediately have an impressive and professional address for all your business correspondence.
  • Last but definitely not least, of course, is the capacity and facilities available in plug-and-play workspaces. NEARSOL’s Seat Leasing Solutions offers global clients a buffet of services that they can tailor fit to suit their needs.

NEARSOL’s SLaaS (Seat Leasing as a Service)

Seat Leasing as a Service (SLaaS) is an arrangement in which a team or business rents office space, equipment, workstations, and seats.

In essence, your business rents a fully equipped office space.

If a company lands a client and is unable to invest in a new office location, NEARSOL’s seat leasing service is a viable option.

Seat leasing services in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) may be divided into two types: cold seats and warm seats. Cold seat rental includes a variety of office essentials such as computers, internet access, furniture, and other facilities. Warm seats, on the other hand, include additional staff to successfully carry out other functions that include (but are not limited to) administrative, human resources management, and accounting.

A significant number of NEARSOL’s clients (including other Business Process Outsourcing companies) have scaled their business globally without making significant investments in traditional infrastructure thanks to the SLaaS business model.

SLaaS is fast becoming a business solution of choice the world over owing to its many perks and benefits.

The lure of a plug-and-play office is in its convenience. One of the key selling points of this setup is immediate use. Clients, regardless of home base or country don’t need to worry about furnishing the space or even setting up hardware, software, and data security protocols.

Another advantage is flexibility with contracts. A plug-and-play office is more flexible than renting a traditional office space. Not only are shorter leases available, but contracts can adapt and evolve to suit client needs.  What this translates to is that you only pay for what your business requires.

Lastly, plug-and-play offices can be quite appealing to team members and employees.  Mental health, engagement, and motivation play a huge role in productivity. In this aspect, NEARSOL’s spaces balance work and play. Organizations can reasonably expect a space conducive to thinking, creativity, and hard work.

NEARSOL is equipped to provide temporary space for businesses that need to start operations while simultaneously building their own HQ (swing space).

Swing spaces are temporary office spaces companies (or even teams) can use while their permanent office is being built or renovated. If your company is upsizing, moving, resizing, renovating, or even dealing with circumstances such as water or flood damage, trust that a NEARSOL swing space can fit your requirements.

At NEARSOL, clients can expect a dedicated reception area, exclusive production space, training rooms, office spaces, huddle rooms, an assigned recruitment area, a cafeteria, conference rooms, data centers, and even KTV or pool rooms. 

Almost any business model may benefit from a broad range of outsourcing strategies and service combinations (including seat leasing).

Seat Leasing’s main focus is to provide a fully operational and furnished office space. This way, you can scale up or down depending on your needs in a cutting-edge facility, all while keeping full operational control.

Regardless of industry, NEARSOL is equipped to serve your business with immediate operational capability. This is a turnkey solution that includes high-speed internet, IT infrastructure, administrative support, security, and even maintenance services.

With the SLaaS option, NEARSOL can offer fully functional workstations, inclusive of hardware and an IT team to support our clients 24/7 at minimal cost (other providers are more expensive) Our sites are specifically built to cater to scaling businesses – fully equipped with training space and interview rooms

NEARSOL’s SLaaS offers highly flexible terms versus the traditional five-year minimum lease. 

No other BPO can match this agility when it comes to support staff, facility management, IT support, and housekeeping.

Further, as opposed to needing a few months lead time, with NEARSOL, clients’ start dates can be arranged within just a few days or weeks’ notice.

IT equipment, PCs, and data center equipment with high data security are outfitted to fit the client’s needs.  The white glove portion of this service includes ample design and branding that are tailor-fit to client requirements.

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