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How NEARSOL’s Workforce Management Can Work For You


NEARSOL’s Workforce Management as a Service (WFMaaS)

The concept of workforce management may be defined as the strategic process of effectively organizing and optimizing an organization’s workforce to achieve its goals and objectives.

Workforce management refers to a collection of procedures used by companies to effectively allocate and schedule their workforce, ensuring that employees are positioned appropriately and at optimal times. This practice aims to mitigate potential hazards and enhance overall productivity within the organization. The top-down strategy entails the initiation of stated strategic objectives by leadership, providing businesses with a clear sense of direction for making future choices.

The notion of workforce management (WFM) first emerged inside contact center settings throughout the 1980s with the aim of enhancing uniformity and productivity. Over time, this idea has extended its application to include a diverse range of sectors. Organizations adopt Workforce Management (WFM) strategies to enhance time management, predict workloads, provide analytical insights, and streamline the process of scheduling employees.

How does Workforce Management work?

The most effective workforce management (WFM) system is characterized by its ability to achieve an ideal alignment between the workload demands and the corresponding staffing levels necessary to handle such work.

 The process of constructing a proficient system requires a considerable amount of time; thus, it is unrealistic to anticipate immediate outcomes. When establishing a workforce management (WFM) plan, most firms need to adhere to a prescribed sequence of actions.

  1. Leaders set the strategic direction of an organization. This involves the establishment of both short-term and long-term objectives followed by the identification of the necessary alignment of the workforce to effectively achieve these goals.
  1. Through the systematic collection of data and the comprehensive evaluation of the existing workforce, businesses may effectively identify areas of process redundancy as well as deficiencies.
  1. Solutions are then narrowed down. The identification of solutions involves the consideration of various tools and software applications that may be used to implement workforce management (WFM) concepts. The selection of the most suitable tools is contingent upon both the existing workforce and the organization’s future goals.
  1. After implementing appropriate Workforce Management (WFM) solutions, it is essential to develop standardized processes that include the whole workforce.
  1. Automation is then applied. The use of automation in many aspects of the workforce management (WFM) process leads to enhanced efficiency, resulting in increased production and long-term cost reduction.
  1. Finally, progress is monitored. It is important to be prepared to monitor progress, while performances are analyzed, modifications are also made when goals change.

With NEARSOL as a partner, the advantages of Workforce Management will be evident in several aspects of your organizational operations.

Upon the implementation of a proficient Workforce Management (WFM) system, organizations will promptly commence seeing advantageous outcomes:

  1. CAPACITY PLANNING – NEARSOL can recommend opportunities for Headcount reduction without compromising KPIs such as Service Level, Abandonment and Grade of Service
  1. FORECASTING – Forecasts are normalized by using Regression Analysis to apply 3-month trends and year-over-year analysis that captures outlier trends, enabling us to normalize the forecast​Recommend cross-training of resources depending on the need
  1. REAL TIME MANAGEMENT – Unbiased flagging whether it’s in-house or vendor-based operations. This means that NEARSOL can recommend single/multi-skilling as necessary​Proactive OT/VTO recommendation depending on the scenario.
  1. SCHEDULING – Unbiased schedule distribution.
  1. REPORTING – Provide unbiased and accurate reports depending on client preferences.

The NEARSOL Workforce

Workforce Management Services is a significant business model your business must implement because it helps develop a framework for efficient scheduling, forecasting, and budgeting. This enables organizations to compete more effectively in their respective markets.

Organizations are able to better prepare for and achieve their strategic objectives, as well as improve their overall efficiency when they make use of automation and several other technologies.

Our Workforce team is composed of tenured Workforce employees who bring a wealth of industry experience to our Workforce processes and strategies.

With NEARSOL’s Workforce Management, you can be assured of sustainable Cost-saving methods, Unbiased Decision-making, End-to-End WF Support, and Experts assigned to a team exclusive to you.

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