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NEARSOL Proven Process

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How We Elevated Growth By Outsourcing

In this video, we discuss how NEARSOL transforms ideas into operational results. Next, I’ll go over the steps we take to ensure a successful start-up and post-implementation review, including the NEARSOL Proven Process for administration, as well as process updates.

With our unique approach. We provide customized end-to-end contact center solutions to both medium and large enterprises.

If your company is expanding and looking to reduce costs, NEARSOL has the solution. Whatever business challenges you face, we tailor our solutions to solve your problem, without getting bogged down in unnecessary analysis. “Adaptability is in our DNA”.

We believe in one-on-one time with clients, where they can ask us questions directly.  We strive for an unstoppable level of transparency that allows us to build the perfect solution for your needs with Quality Results on Time. 

How we do it, in 5 steps 

NEARSOL fills in management gaps with a PROVEN PROCESS 

These functions include: 


In effect, we offer everything you need so that you can focus on scaling your business. [/vc_column_text]

This is how we do it:

We have an established core value system that underpins our day-to-day business procedures.

  1. Caring | Discovery, and Collaboration: Understanding your business and your goals.
  2. Resourceful | Design & Development: Building a Road Map.
  3. Results-Driven | Execution, and Delivery on promises: Implementing a strategy.
  4. Committed | Management and Support: Go Live with Risk Mitigation.
  5. Passionate | Growth: Providing Scalability & Enhanced Capabilities.

Tell us what you need.  We will meet you where your business is.

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