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Participating in AMCHAM’s Job Fair

Nearsol Amcham Job Fair stand 2017

Participating in AMCHAM’s Job Fair

Nearsol continues to grow exponentially, and plans to open new jobs in 2017 at the next job fair organized by the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM), where we are an active member and business partner; We have been invited to participate in one of the most important job fairs in the country, always with the objective of supporting and promoting the Contact Center & BPO industry in Guatemala.

According to data from previous editions, 60% of the participants managed to hire after the first filter during the event. “Guatemala is a country that can take advantage of new trends in labor markets” said Brenda Guevara, Director of Recruitment. “We are very excited to participate this year, and are looking forward to it”. The activity will be taking place at the Grand Tikal Futura Hotel on January 12 and 13.

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