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Rolling with Nearsol

Rolling with Nearsol bike


Cyclers are taking over the streets in Guatemala; everyday many people use this type of transportation to go from one place to another.

The environment that surrounds us influences our health, at NEARSOL we are aware of this, and on that note, we have decided to launch a Project called Rolling with NEARSOL .

Rolling with NEARSOL will support our employees and will encourage the use of the bicycle as a means of transportation. This will not only benefit our people in terms of good health and stress relief but it will also benefit the environment because bicycles cause no pollution.

We currently  have 70 units (bicycles)  available for use, we are planning on having recreational activities with our associates and their families where they can have fun rolling with NEARSOL allowing this amazing project to have an impact beyond their expectations.

At NEARSOL we strongly believe that recreation improves the quality of life and we love having happy and healthy associates!

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