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Who Benefits the Most from a Seat Leasing Arrangement?

Who Benefits the Most from a Seat Leasing Arrangement?

Expanding capacity or going offshore? A wide variety of outsourcing models and service combinations (including seat leasing) are available for almost every type of business model. Whatever your industry and depending on requirements, budgetary considerations, return on investment (ROI) goals, and measurements, your outsourcing provider should be able to offer you bespoke services and facilities to suit your business goals.

What is Seat Leasing as a Service (SLaaS)?

In summary, Seat Leasing as a Service (SLaaS) generally involves the lease of a comprehensive and fully furnished office space. If a corporation is unable to make a substantial investment in constructing a new office facility, seat leasing is a feasible alternative.

In the context of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), seat leasing services may be categorized into two types: cold seats and warm seats.  Cold seat leasing encompasses several office necessities, including computer systems, internet connectivity, furniture, and more amenities.  Conversely, warm seats include the provision of hiring supplementary personnel to effectively carry out various tasks, including administrative, human resources, and accounting responsibilities. The service is sought after by clients, particularly Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies, who want to enhance their operational capabilities without the need for substantial investments in conventional infrastructure. Yes, this means that there are BPOs for BPOs.

The concept of Seat Leasing as a Service or SLaaS refers to a business arrangement where a company leases office space and infrastructure, including workstations or seats.

SLaaS is highly sought-after in the Philippines due to its significant advantages and benefits. Renting an office space is comparatively less cost-efficient than this alternative.  Seat leasing entails customers making monthly payments for a comprehensive package that includes a fully furnished office space, equipped with necessary software and hardware, as well as trained workers.

Businesses that often benefit the most from a seat rental agreement are:

  1. BPOs THEMSELVES – The existence of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms catering specifically to the needs of other BPO firms is a phenomenon that sometimes elicits astonishment among observers. The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) market has significant development potential due to its inherent simplicity of establishment. To effectively engage with a customer, it is essential to possess many key components, including a reliable internet connection, a competent staff, a comprehensive data security system – AND THE ABILITY TO EXPAND AT A MOMENT’s NOTICE. Several BPOs possess the ability to expand their operations rapidly due to their capacity to outsource their own outsourced services.
  2. ONLINE SHOPPING PLATFORMS – The Philippines has embraced the phenomenon of online shopping via popular platforms such as Lazada and Shopee. The list can only get longer. One crucial determinant of the development and success of these platforms is the presence of a centralized and well-structured workforce that can readily scale up or down as needed, without the need for extensive training or substantial investments in physical infrastructure for marketing items, addressing customer inquiries, managing orders, and tracking them, among other tasks.
  3. LOGISTICS – Initially, the word “logistics” referred to how military personnel purchased, stored, and transferred equipment and supplies. The term is now increasingly and extensively used in the business sector to describe how resources are managed and transferred throughout the supply chain, notably by organizations in the manufacturing industry. The management of tracking, monitoring, and responding to inquiries about orders is a critical set of processes that is most effectively executed via a centralized system. SLaaS offers business operations the ability to either increase or decline in response to fluctuations in demand. A seat leasing option provides a high degree of flexibility.
  4. VIRTUAL ASSISTANCE – Virtual assistance customers often express a preference for a team that has a physical office space, as it provides them with a sense of assurance over the presence of necessary infrastructure, backup internet, and data security measures. Additionally, most clients prefer a designated “address” and a certain team to whom they may direct their inquiries or concerns. In this particular case, a seat leasing agreement seems to be the most suitable option. Seat leasing offers company owners the option to meet demand and capacity requirements, whether it involves renting equipment or engaging a full crew.
  5. REAL ESTATE – The real estate sector in the Philippines, while not as expansive as its international counterparts, has the potential to greatly benefit from the establishment of a centralized team responsible for handling phone inquiries, processing paperwork, and managing property listings. However, a seat leasing service guarantees that the representative responsible for addressing any inquiry has comprehensive proficiency in the requisite training, software, and hardware, therefore enabling seamless operational execution from the get-go. Only a handful of BPOs (NEARSOL included) carry this expertise.

The list above, is of course, a limited selection of businesses that have availed themselves of seat leasing services provided by renowned business process outsourcing (BPO) firms in the Philippines. 

The practice of seat leasing enables company owners and managers to direct their attention to the fundamental operations of their organization.

The undeniable technical benefits associated with seat leasing are hard to ignore. BPO seat leasing facilitates the delegation of non-essential duties, such as product information management, to other entities, allowing the core company processes to get the undivided attention of the team.


NEARSOL offers a service known as Seat Leasing as a Service (SLaaS), which enables clients to effectively use fully operational workstations that include hardware and round-the-clock IT support at affordable rates. Our websites are designed with the sole purpose of accommodating the growth of enterprises, offering comprehensive facilities such as training spaces and interview rooms.

The SLaaS provided by NEARSOL has much more adaptable terms in comparison to the conventional need of a minimum five-year lease.  No other business process outsourcing (BPO) company can rival the level of agility shown in areas such as support personnel, building management, IT support, and cleaning. 

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