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Ramping Up Your Customer Experience this 2024? Put Your Employees First.

Companies should also ensure that frontline personnel, or those who engage directly with consumers, are empowered and motivated. Good products are not enough.

Now that we’ve gotten over the New Year festivities, the real work of turning those great ideas and resolutions into good customer experiences reality starts now.  The challenges lie in bringing this idea to the forefront and implementing it. 

Take Disney. Legend has it that long ago, a little girl’s heart sank when she accidentally dropped her beloved doll into a muddy puddle. As you could expect, the doll was a huge mess. However, before returning it to its anxious owner, the park employees bathed it, changed its hairstyle and clothing, and had pictures of the doll taken with other Disney princesses.  The whole event was characterized by “pure magic” and a fairytale finale, according to her mother. 

What the park employees DIDN’T DO, however, is noteworthy. They broke the rules. Kind of. They disregarded every company policy. Instead of consulting the corporate manual or reporting the incident to management, they chose to react to a minor (albeit genuine) emergency with what they thought was the right move. 

Is this mere legend?  Perhaps.  But legend or not, this “story” exemplifies how corporate culture should be communicated to frontline customer care agents. 

Good Customer Experiences begin with good team members 

Get yourself a trained and well-equipped team and you’ve got most of your problems solved. Obvious, of course, is the public relations that easily translates to more sales.  But the immeasurable ones – customer’s devotion, their delight and their engagement, doubles the likelihood that a consumer will buy and refer a product or service to others. 

With the help of modern technology, businesses are more equipped to know more about their consumers.  With data, customers are unique people rather than merely a collection of demographics.   Note that despite AI and better data-gathering tools, an exceptional CX still requires “personal contact,”.  Establishing a strong emotional connection is a process that requires consistency.  It also requires time and effort.  Make an effort to leave a good impression with every contact. 

Thus, having a functional product or service alone won’t cut it. Businesses should also make sure that the people working on the front lines, who deal directly with consumers, are trained AND given the authority to do their jobs well.  

An enthusiastic and invested staff is essential for providing excellent Customer Experiences. 

They need to be able to take customers’ unique experiences and turn them into end-to-end customer processes.  In addition, to stay ahead of the competition, they should be able to make incremental improvements in every interaction. A little, all the time, goes a long way. Companies, in turn, may demonstrate their dedication to their workers’ performance by motivating and rewarding them in a way that is suitable for the job. 

Building a strong frontline-employee dedication is a topic that is abundantly covered in information, books, and gurus.  What did work, however, according to our experience with customers that have introduced distinctive CXs, was: 

  • Personality is more important than skill when making a recruiting decision. 
  • Companies with a solid CX culture are also as great at addressing staff concerns and requirements. 
  • Instead of enforcing standards of conduct or behavior, companies with a good CX culture motivate their frontline workers by creating a common purpose. They also encourage innovation and creativity by providing their frontline workers with more freedom and responsibility. 


If this is the direction you wish to take this year and in the years to come, partner with us! 

At NEARSOL we value our teams and workers very highly … because this is the best way we know how to meet our clients’ requirements, as well as their clients’ needs. 

Work with an empowered team who knows CX by heart. 

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