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Why the Philippines is Still the Best Place to Hire a BPO

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From majestic beaches and culinary creations to world-famous festivals, the Philippines has always made a name when it comes to talent, English proficiency, good service, grit, skill, and outsourcing capabilities.

When it comes to outsourcing, the Philippine-based BPO has always been a top choice.

It may not be the largest in terms of floor area or seating.  But when it comes to providing excellent services, training, and talented individuals, the Philippines is always the preferred destination.  To date, the country’s BPO industry has earned an impressive $32 billion.

Accounting, logistics management, web development, and customer support are among the most common services offered by Philippine BPOs, which employ at least 1.50 million people.

Offshoring to the Philippines is growing increasingly popular among global firms, due in part to the metro’s outstanding service quality and skill pool. Thus, it should come as no surprise that, notwithstanding the pandemic, employment and revenue rates continue to climb.

Why are Philippine BPOs the best option for companies looking to grow via outsourcing?

  1. Rates are superb.

The affordable labor cost is an important consideration for many international firms outsourcing to the Philippines. This is due in part to the peso’s relationship with foreign currencies.

In the Philippines, one dollar equals Php 55. The average monthly salary of a Filipino contact center representative is about $500. To recap, global firms may make the most of their restricted budgets by collaborating with Philippine BPOs.

Don’t make the mistake of believing that “reasonable” means bad service.

Filipino BPO staff are very proficient.

Compared to their Western and Asian rivals, Philippine BPOs provide the finest value for money. Not only are labor costs inexpensive, but Filipinos deliver exceptional work.

In terms of linguistic competency, the Philippines remains one of the most important English-speaking countries for commerce.

  1. Continuous availability regardless of time zone.

Regardless of your company’s or customer’s time zone, the Philippines can provide business solutions around the clock.  Despite the 12-hour time difference, the Philippines’ most important commercial partner is the United States. To comply with US business hours, the Philippines continues to have a significant portion of its outsourced workers (about 60%) working at night.

This approach is quite common in the Philippines, which is why for US-based organizations, a Philippine-based BPO is the only option. Weekend coverage and rotating hours are also common working conditions in the outsourcing business.

  1. The Philippine government is supportive of BPOs and has made good its commitment to continue in the year 2024 and beyond.

When it comes to upskilling, the government has launched initiatives to give the essential training. The Information Technology and Business Process Association (IBPAP) has teamed up with the Philippine Department of Information and Communications Technology (PDICT) to train thousands of outsourced workers. The focus on skill development characterizes Philippine BPOs.

Furthermore, the Philippine government created the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) by legislation. This arm seeks to stimulate the full engagement of labor and local government organizations in providing technical-vocational institutions for the skill development of the country’s human resources.  Its goal is to give skill training to fulfill the increasing need of multinational corporations that have selected a Philippine-based BPO.  To prepare the labor force for the demand, TESDA offers contact center training classes across the Philippines, where Filipinos are rigorously educated in English grammar, syntax, accent, and pronunciation.

  1. Filipinos are well-rounded, experienced, and accomplished.

Filipino BPO employees, ranging from virtual assistants to developers, programmers, and graphic designers, frequently display exceptional flexibility.   Filipinos excel in high-stress and ever-changing work circumstances because of their resilient culture and leadership abilities. 

Filipinos can easily communicate with a neutral American English accent. With enough preparation, the majority can comfortably converse with a clean East or West Coast twang.  Furthermore, many Filipinos speak at least two languages, with many speaking a third or even fourth.  Before the pandemic, retired foreign contract workers coming home sought jobs with BPOs. Their ability to communicate in a European or Asian language has been beneficial.

When Filipinos became jobless due to COVID-19 limitations, many discovered ways to supplement their income via different side hustles. Many people found permanent employment with outsourcing companies since work-from-home possibilities were available for safety concerns.

Even the dreaded graveyard and additional hours do not damper the spirits of the Filipino workforce. Because many BPOs function in line with their customers’ time zones, outsourced personnel are skilled at adjusting to the demands of their employers. Of course, Philippine-based BPOs strive to emphasize a work-life balance.

  1. Many Western traditions are compatible with Philippine culture.

The Philippines is a cultural melting pot with a strong impact from Western ideas and ideologies. Filipinos like American music, television, and cuisine. One can even believe that social media is their source of English abilities.  However, the basis for their English competence is rooted in fundamental education (preschool to postgraduate).

TESDA contact center courses and training provided by different local government entities include lectures on Western culture.  The Philippine government is committed to training and upskilling to guarantee that the country’s personnel can compete on a global scale.

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