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Driving Value with Contact Center Implementation Services

Driving Value with Contact Center Implementation Services A white paper for Nearsol

A white paper for Nearsol

In today’s fast moving contact center sector, the ability to act quickly in any aspect of delivery is critical. Whether it is technology, processes orworkforce, this space has never been more challenging for both captive operations or for outsourcers. This is especially acute in the domain of site selection and deployment, which has emerged as a key bugbear for contact center executives who are anxious to get up and running in new locations as quickly as possible

Deploying a new site can be fraught with challenges, though. Operators may not have the connections or familiarity in place in new locations to negotiate the complexities of construction or permits. This can hold up projects for unacceptable periods of time, which invariably impacts a company’s customer experience strategy. It is in this vein that leading contact center implementation service provider Nearsol has emerged with an offering that can assist customer experience professionals eager to get new deployments up and running with a value proposition based on expertise and experience.

What are contact center implementation services?

A logical starting point in any discussion around implementation services is to define this emerging scope of functionality in the context of contact centers. In short, as defined for the purposes of this white paper:

Contact center implementation services are: ones that permit contact center operations to start operating in brand-new, well-designed, ready-to-use facilities in a short period oftime. This is facilitated through a team of architects, project managers and engineers who work together to ensure an accurate and precise execution of commissioned projects.

It is noted that under the scope of this definition, once the contact center facilities are operational, all operations are transferred to the client.

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