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The Next Best Thing to an In-Person Site Visit

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Everyone has experienced major changes in the way they operate day to day in the past few months. At Nearsol we knew we needed to adapt to ensure we could continue as normal as possible. This took innovation and recognizing what the future will look like. Our virtual tours have enabled us to continue to show potential clients sites while ensuring the safety of our employees.


In March 2020, BPO infrastructure developer and management consultancy firm Nearsol ramped up a new platform which offers virtual reality video walkthrough of plans and 360-degree virtual reality video footage of completed facilities.

Lauren Stebbins, research analyst at Nearsol, says the tour comprises of 14 renders in 4K resolution.

“It showcases the different important areas of the site and the navigation between them,” she says. “We also used tools within the software to add pop-up information in certain areas about the objects in view.”

“This site allows for navigation from a browser or mobile device,” Stebbins explains. “Viewing on a mobile device gives the best experience. You can use ‘pinch’ gestures to zoom in and focus on a specific detail of what is in front of you. We also support using a VR headset such as google cardboard for an even more immersive experience.”

With a few clicks, clients can walk through their new site from the safety of their home. This allows the design team to share ideas via the tour, then move to videoconferencing sessions to quickly gather valuable feedback.

Response, she says, has been “been brilliant. We have had some very positive feedback and its clear to see that the client is much more engaged than when looking at plans and basic renders.  We’re very impressed with the capabilities of the tools and the impact they’re having on our business.”

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by: Avia Ustanny-Collinder

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